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Commercial and residential plumbing services

Serving Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley, AZ.

Commercial Plumbing

  • Installation and new construction
  • Custom designed systems
  • Remodels or upgrades
  • Drain pipe and sewer line cleaning
  • Sewer lines repaired and replaced
  • Water lines replaced and repaired
  • Facet installation and repair
  • Toilets installation and repair
  • Leak detection

Residential Plumbing

  • Leak detection
  • Garbage disposals
  • Faucet installation and repairs
  • Water lines repaired and replaced
  • Sewer lines repaired and replaced
  • Drain pipe and sewer line cleaning
  • Bathtub, shower and toilet installation
  • Preventative maintenance programs

What You Can Expect

As Butte Plumbing customer, you’ll appreciate the professionalism of our work. Our goal for all customers is quality and customer service. We maintain a high level of attention to detail and are committed to producing only the cleanest and best quality work.

Butte Plumbing is always professional and reliable. Jon responds immediately and makes sure our needs are not only met but exceeded! Most importantly, they are prompt.
Nicole Frost

Fast and Friendly, and my sink does not leak any more! Thanks for the help.
Kenneth Skinner

Frequently Asked Questions

Did an item fall down your sink?

If you have something go down your kitchen or bathroom sink such as a ring or small toy, all is not lost. Immediately turn off the water supply and put a bucket under the drain pipe. The bucket should be able to catch about a half gallon of water. Unscrew the two joint nuts nest the bottom of the “J” trap and your missing item should still be in there.

Do you have a slow drain?

Your toilet, sink and tub all share the same drain. If your have a line blockage and not a fixture blockage it could affect more than one of them.

Restore water pressure

Low water pressure is something that many households bear this nuisance for a long time as they are unaware how to fix this problem.

What are some possibilities for low water pressure?

  • Drains clogged full of residue and sediment
  • Pipe diameters are not large enough to carry the water
  • A leak in the piping- this can be costly if the leak is on your side of the water meter

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